Assessments in Technical Recruitment

10 May 2018, Thursday

Benefits of Using Assessments when Recruiting Technical or Mechanical Personnel

It has recently come to Bradshaw Le Roux’s attention that there is a growing need for assessments within the manufacturing and production sector. In the past, a technical qualification may have been sufficient for recruitment of technical/factory staff. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that the standard of numerical and literacy skills of SA matriculants is not as high as one would require. General abilities contribute quite significantly to the speed at which candidates learn new tasks and responsibilities as well as their ability to communicate their ideas, findings and responses to fellow colleagues, managers and clients. With English being the business language in our country which boasts 11 official languages (12 now that sign has been included in the list) it has become even more important for our employees to be competent and confident in terms of their English communication skills. Whilst maths core as a matric subject may not necessarily be a requirement, basic numeracy skills are key to ensuring that candidates are able to conduct reasonably simple numerical calculations under pressure and that they would be able to identify errors or anomalies in reports. Other tests that are considered important as part of the selection and recruitment of technical/factory workers are the three sub-tests included in the Technical Test Battery. The Technical Test Battery is suitable for selection of technicians and potential trainees. It includes the sub-tests of Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Visual Acuity. Together with the General Reasoning Test Battery, it gives a comprehensive assessment of the abilities relevant to technical training and work.

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