Helping you make intelligent and holistic selection and development decisions, based on competence and potential.

Assessments are an investment in your people. The costs of a bad hire, and the benefits of a good hire, far outweigh the costs of assessments. Investing in your talent selection is a fundamental business value-add. Assessments further benefit highly unionised organisations who call for fair, transparent and valid selection processes.

With a selection of competency based and culturally sensitive assessment tools available, Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting offers a range of assessment strategies aimed at assisting our clients with decisions relating to recruitment, selection, development and retention of competence within the South African context. Our assessment service is designed to be flexible, depending on your needs, some of which are outlined as follows:

Competency-based Assessments for Recruitment

Assessments for Recruitment and Selection

The ability of a company to service and succeed in a dynamic competitive environment lies in its ability to attract, grow and retain talent that gives it the competitive edge. Talent management begins with identifying top quality – something that cannot be left to guess work or gut feel.

Bradshaw LeRoux serve to assist companies with their selection decisions through assessing this talent.

We conduct assessments at all levels to ensure that the right person is placed in the right position. We are accredited to use and interpret the majority of assessment tools listed with HPCSA. Using a vast repertoire of competency based exercises, we are able to further customise a battery according to the job specification and specified competency requirements.

Assessments for Career Development and Learnerships

We conduct comprehensive assessments aimed at identifying potential and career suitability. These can be conducted at all levels, from school leaving applicants for bursaries or learnership selection, to applicants for succession planning, to executive development. Using a variety of assessment tools, we are able to make appropriate recommendations on the suitability of individuals to the various organisational programs. We also do assessments for people making career changes, as well as school leavers (career guidance).

Benchmarking and Competency Profiling

We are able to benchmark positions to allow for appropriate criterion based selection decisions where individuals are compared to a predetermined standard – this process usually allows for greater consistency and fairness.

Team Effectiveness

We facilitate team effectiveness workshops, and use assessments as a key tool to understand the profile of the group, and to enable team members to appreciate and understand each other’s differences.


Assessments are a powerful tool to objectively make decisions with regard to restructuring of the organisation or mergers. We are experts in psychological and competency assessment. Our ability to provide comprehensive feedback to line managers, HR, and individuals, along with our integrated written reports, reflects a fair, transparent, and ethical methodology that underpins our approach.