Recruitment Services

Our aim is to simplify the recruitment process for our clients by providing continuous support throughout the sourcing, assessment and integration of suitable applicants, some of whom have a disability.

Recruitment in General:

We offer a generalist recruitment service and operate on a national level.

Our recruitment team comprise of a passionate group of professionals who take pride in upholding the APSO ethics which are designed to protect and represent both the job seeker and employer in a fair and respectful manner.

Recruiting People with a Disability:

Our approach is underpinned by a “Competence First, Disability Second” methodology. Our starting point in the recruitment process is to gain a clear understanding of the inherent requirements of the vacancy, to understand the working environment in which the position will operate, and to begin sourcing suitable applicants who meet the criteria in terms of competence or potential. Only at that stage are the reasonable accommodation requirements of suitable applicants explored.

Looking for employees with a disability? We have an extensive national databse of PWD for all roles and levels of your organisation. Want to make sure you have found the right person? We have an extensive sourcing network, competency and psychometric testing and credit, criminal and qualification checks.